How An Online Free Ads Posting Helps Your Business

You are new to the world of business and entrepreneurship. As a beginner, you are wondering how to swing the tide in your favor, by wooing customers. It is important that you make your presence felt. The question is how do you make your presence felt, and create an impact on people who really matter? You have many platforms to bank on. But since you are in your early years, you will look forward to using the channel that is cost, as well as, time effective. The world has become Internet-centric, and so you are likely to gain by using a web-based advertisement listing.

A commonly used platform

Most people choose to remain glued onto the net, and so if you use an internet-based platform, you can conveniently swing the tide, in your favor. Instead of using the other costly channels of promotion, you can use the Online Free Ads Posting. With the help of the latter, you can specify your location, and highlight the areas in which you serve. In this way, you can tap the local customer base. The customers are always on the lookout for service providers and are prone to consulting these cost-free advertisement listing. They may need someone to repair the faulty geyser or a computer that is not working smoothly. It is unlikely that during the hours of need, they will switch on the radio or the television channel to inquire about the repairer.

Gives exposure to your business

On the other hand, the customers are likely to consult the Online Free Ads Posting. The issue of repair needs to be addressed immediately, and they know that if they type out the relevant keywords on the Google search, they will be able to locate the most appropriate hand that can get the issue fixed. In this way, as a service provider, or a repairer, you can make your presence felt. You were on the search out for customers. With the help of unpaid advertisement listing; you can woo potential customers, in your favor.

An economical proposition

As said previously, during the initial years of business, you will like using promotional channels which are economical and effective. Here again, the use and application of the unpaid advertisement listing prove to be advantageous. You can be in the limelight, get customers, but for that, you need to make little or no investment. You are also spared from the deal of designing a complicated advertisement. Even with a small text of three to four lines, you can reach out to the people and tap the prospective base of customers.

Establishes your credibility

The fact that proves to be most advantageous is that the advertisements are always available, regularly, around the clock. You need not depend on the run-time of the radio or the television for highlighting yourself. The round the clock exposure establishes your credibility. You become more familiar with your customers than what you were previously. By connecting with the customers who mean and matter, you can boost your sales. Most importantly, if you look forward to creating a trustworthy base of buyers, you can use this option of the online listing.

“Value Divergence Pricing” – The 3 Word Strategy Elite Marketers Use, But Never Talk About Openly

This is what the most successful marketers use, the reason a large amount of businesses fail is because they fail to implement this “secret.” So if you want to be successful, then value divergence pricing is something you need to get familiar with. I use this strategy often in all my marketing efforts. And when you finish reading this you’ll have unearthed a hidden “gem” that will allow you to scale your business quickly with minimal effort on your part.

The Product

Let’s imagine you have a product or service you want to sell… Now most people will look at the market, compare what price they sell at and set their value at something similar. However, This is wrong because the most important part of marketing is to standout… Not be like everyone else. Not only will you lose out to your more established competitor but you won’t be able to implement this powerful strategy.

So the first thing you need to do is build the value You do this by highlighting the differences between your product/service and everyone else’s. The more distinct your product or service is, the more people are willing to pay to have it. People will agree this makes perfect sense, but this isn’t applied aggressively enough to be effective.

Value Divergence

Secondly, where most marketers go wrong, is they start off asking the wrong questions like:

“How I can do this as cheaply as possible?” so they cheap out on marketing to reach the prospect (a key part of driving people into your business) and the business just withers as a result.

The real question you should be asking is:

How can I structure my business, so I can outspend the competition?

This is how you create real market advantage.

Now there are 3 ways to approach this:

1) Focus on increasing the value of your product

2) The Sequential selling strategy (Selling a series of products to increase the overall profit of from each customer client)

3) Doing Both (My Preferred methodology)

The key is to maximize the value of each customer or client, so you can spend more to reach them without harming profits. Now maybe you’re thinking you will deter “buyers” from your business. If that’s the case, target a market where money is no issue. There is a huge myth that money is tight, but the truth is more money is being spent in today’s economy than ever before and somebody is always willing to pay the fee if you create a strong enough case. this is a site that specialises in high ticket luxury items from watches to helicopters all for a very high price. At the time of this writing the cheapest helicopter on their site is $1,540,000.

Now at this price, they can pretty much afford to spend whatever they want to drive new customers, because they only need one sale to make some good returns. If you think that’s an extreme example, let’s look at a more straight forward product. Let’s take Starbucks, they sell coffee and any other treats that complement coffee, they’re currently priced at the 3x higher than their closest competitor in their market for ultimately the same service (In fact it’s actually less service, cause they don’t even bring the coffee over to you in my experience anyway).

So at those prices, do you really think any of their closest competition can compete? And if they try to compete… how long before they stop making any profit on their sales and go out of business anyway? This could give you huge leverage in your market, that will allow you to crush the competition.

So you need to be thinking about “what could I sell at a high price (or up-sell to a higher price) that would allow me to spend more to acquire a new customer/client for my business?” Because ultimately the less units you have to sell to reach a $1,000,000,000, the better financial advantage you’ll have. So take a look at your current business and identify how many units you would need to sell to make a million. Now look at how you can reduce the number of units you need sell to reach that same goal and your 80% there. The last 20% is your implementation, its one thing knowing this strategy but it’s another thing to take action. There you have it you have a simple way to see big gains in your business with minimal effort on your part. I hope you’ve got massive value from this article

Until next time

E.S Marshall

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Online Retail Buyers Behavior

Any good SEO firm will advise you that you need to have good knowledge of your audience and your clients buying behaviors. These days how clients find and purchase products have changed dramatically since before the internet. Where clients used to go shop to shop, looking for deals and identifying the best options, they are now searching online in the comfort of their own homes and then ordering online with to the door delivery.

Before you start your online marketing campaign, it is essential that you understand the online retail buyers behavior, so that you can target your campaign towards your audience and ensure that they click on your site, driving more traffic to your site and in turn, helping you achieve greater success moving forward.

What you do need to understand is that seventy one percent of clients are directed to a company that they buy from via a top search engine, such as Bing, Google or Yahoo. This means that you need to ensure you have a solid search engine optimization campaign in place so that you can increase your ranking to reach your audience in the long run. Always bear in mind that your competitors are doing exactly the same thing.

Another interesting fact is that one third of Bing clients perform retail searches. This means that a high volume of people going unto the internet are looking for specific products or services. They may have a sudden need, this does not mean that they are already in focus to purchase, right now they are just looking at what is available.

Another of the things a SEO firm will tell you is that a client searching online is looking for a particular product or service, they are not focusing on brands in their initial search. As they find more information on particular brands this is when it sparks an interest and their search parameters change. So how does this help you? Use branded and non-branded keywords and help your clients throughout the process with links to various pages that are relevant on their site to help them with their buying decision.

It has been revealed that category searches are the top choices and companies that show in category searches are automatically considered as market leaders even if the client doesn’t click on your link. They see your name and your name is instantly associated as market leader, so focus keywords on categories as well as specific products and services.

Try and select your keywords that immediately answer a clients question. This may not be easy, but you can use long and short tailed keywords, so if a client is looking for something and asks for a particular item in a question, you want to be able to answer them with ease, this will direct them towards your link and probably encourage them to click on it.

Use shopping campaigns as a way to reach your audience. Clients are always looking for deals. So if you campaign your deals and promotions, enable clients to immediately identify where they can save money will generate more interest in your business over your competitors.

Further, focus on using images. Your images should be very high quality with excellent resolution and ensure that they are relevant. You will also want to ensure that you optimist your images, so that they come up in image searches as well.

Finally, make use of links. Manual link building to authoritative sites will help you build your brand, create an interest and help you generate more interest in the long run to achieve your gaols.

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Before You Invest In An Online Business, Think Practically

Have you every asked yourself how many people use the internet everyday?

The United Nation agency did a survey based on international communications. According to the United Nation’s results, 3.3 billion people used the internet in 2016. In my opinion, that number will grow each year because the internet is reaching deeper into other places on the planet.

What does this fast development mean to the online-based business world? It means tens of hundreds of opportunities coming in for aspiring entrepreneurs to compete in the internet marketplace.

The Content Age

We are now living in the age in which I call the content age. Content has changed the way business is conducted. With the help of the internet, any person can reach millions of people with the click of a button. For example, according to an article posted on, Donald Trump has an estimated 20 million Twitter followers. That means that he can market any of his brands or investments simply by taking about it on his Twitter account.

In addition, he also can make money by other brands and companies coming to him to market their products or services on his account. The income opportunity is endless.

People finally have the chance to invest in joining an online business opportunity they love. However, despite the freedom an opportunity can give you, there are still many things to take into account before taking the first step.

There is one question to always ask yourself before taking the first step.


When deciding what kind of opportunity to choose ask yourself these questions: Will this particular kind of business work for me and my schedule? What is the potential profit possible for this opportunity? Will this opportunity be here in the next 50 years? Is it truly possible to make a living and build a future for yourself and your family?

I understand these questions may scare you but those are the right questions to ask. You must keep your vision in check. You will also have to set all the conditions clear. If you put your emotions before your reality, you may risk all your efforts for nothing when it is all said and done.

Luckily for you there are organizations of experts who offer free reports to those who will want to further understand this industry. Experts can also help you avoid the common pitfalls.