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4 Good Reasons to Start an Online Business

Starting an online business is a relatively straightaway process provided you have decided on a product or service to promote, have the relevant hardware, and the necessary finances to get set up. With the right planning in place, an online business has the potential to offer a full-time or a useful extra income. Here are four positive reasons why it can benefit to start an online business:

Low initial investment

A great place to begin the process of setting up a small online business is to create a website and buy a memorable domain name and invest in a reliable web hosting service. This is likely to cost less than $100. However, there are also several content management systems that are entirely free to use. They are practical for those wishing to test an idea without investing a lot of money. Plus, there are plenty of free or low-cost options to build your target audience, such as the social media platforms.

Great flexibility in work time

Anyone that decides to run an online business has the opportunity to work when they choose. However, it is beneficial to put in place a proper work schedule to make sure the business is run in an efficient manner. A focused plan means you will fully devote your time and energy into the most important aspects of the business. Also, if you find your workload is completely up to date, you have the flexibility to take a break at any time of the week whether this is a weekday or on the weekend.

Nominate a work location

If you are looking to set up an online business, you will not be limited to working in a single location. Provided you have a decent laptop and reliable internet connection, you have the option to operate the business from wherever you want.

Most people will look to set up a home office, which makes it really easy to combine your work and home life. However, for those that prefer the dedicated work space, a contemporary shared office space makes it possible to work in a traditional office environment, but without the need the cover the cost of long-term lease.

Unlimited exposure

An internet based business has unlimited exposure with the potential to sell any service or protect imaginable provided that you are able to market your website to the right target audience. Also, there are plenty of low-cost options to advertise the online business, which is certain to be a lot lower than a traditional bricks and mortar business.

Make Money Online Testing Websites

In a world of bogus online job chances, it’s good to understand there are a few genuine internet side hustles you can deal with to generate a healthy side salary. One particular such hustle is website testing. In the event that you’ve by no means tried it, after that now is a great time to find out what it is, how much you can possibly make, and who also will pay you to begin.

What precisely Is Website Testing?

Website testing is a fairly simple idea in which people who have no immediate ties to a brand dedicate time using, accessing, and examining the brand’s website as a way of offering opinions on the features and appeal of the internet site. Website testing is priceless in today’s market place, exactly where websites perform an integral role in both equally small and large brands’ capability to reach, participate, and convert online clients. It’s not enough to possess a website, the site needs to be enhanced in a way that it fosters great brand associations and eventually drives lucrative conversions.

When you take a look at the amount of time and dollars brands invest into web design and development, it turns into obvious why they take testing so significantly. Whilst every scenario is diverse, here a few average costs meant for developing a custom-made website:

Small business site: $2,000 to $8,000 Dollars
Medium-sized business web page: $10,000 to $25,000 Dollars
E-commerce internet site: $5,000 to $40,000 Dollars
Large business site: $25,000 to $40,000 Dollars

And so all those are simply the costs to get up and working. Once you throw in extra expenses incorporating domain name, SSL certificate, web page hosting, content management system, constant web design, advertising, and optimization, the regular costs can be thousands of dollars per month. Obviously, in the event that a business will invest in a site, they want to ensure it functions. They have diverse methods for identifying how well an internet site works, but nothing at all beats the raw, unfiltered nature of user testing.

How Much May You Help to make Testing Websites?

Let’s be very clear about one point in advance, you are not really going to get rich testing websites at least in this capability. For the overpowering majority of persons, website testing isn’t designed to be your full-time work and won’t change your whole profits. It can, however, complement your cash flow and provide you a modest extra spending funds for the weekend, that following a holiday, or for a great buy without draining all your savings.

Generally speaking, virtually all website testing businesses are going to pay you $10 per internet site that you test. Sometimes you’ll get $15 to $25, yet these are uncommon exceptions and are frequently merely provided to those with experience. A site testing session ordinarily lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, although there are an only a few that can be finished in right around 10 minutes.

In many cases, website testing possibilities are sent to end users via email-or inside an online platform-and you have to “claim” the test in order to earn access. Based on the quantity of users contending for options, it can certainly be harder to obtain tests with a few companies than others. If you get sent five offers to test websites every day, you’ll most likely simply effectively claim one or two-and you’ll have to act promptly. Having said that, an extra $10 daily can easily add up. If you test five websites each week at that rate, you can easily fairly expect to produce an extra $200 each month.


4 Ways in Which Local Retailers Can Beat Amazon And Other Online Sellers

Many local retailers are struggling to strive in the current competitive market environment that has been flaunted by firms that have adopted advanced technology. Local retailers suffer at the hands of companies that sell their products through online means. Amazon is one of the most significant online operational business that has threatened and brought suffering to many small and independent retailers. Online sales of Amazon and other online firms will increase at a high pace to almost double. This poses a danger to local retail firms on how they can remain strong to face the competition from a big company such as Amazon that depends on distribution centers and a website.

Lowering of prices may not be the best solution for small retailers to stay competitive in the market with online retailers like and others. When the independent retailers reduce their prices to compete with Amazon and other online retailers, it becomes another challenge to deal with because customers will be expecting regular drops in prizes as well as the continued supply of the products you sell. Small independent retailers like any other business have a set profit margin that they have achieved for the business to remain competitive and financially stable, hence cannot afford to offer 20 or 30 percent discounts like Amazon.

There are better ways through which independent local retailers can effectively compete with Amazon and other online operators. There is, therefore, no need to go about the idea of pricing of their products. Below are some tactics that small independent retailers can embrace to become competitive in the highly demanding market environment;

1. Hire the right people-and offer killer customer service

The type of staff determines the type of people services clients receive. Local retailers should consider hiring the right people to help in their operations. People who have the excellent know-how on how to carry out the activities of the business will be vital in offering superior customer services. When small retailers hire the right people, there is a high probability that customers will be happy by the services they receive since they have been, taught and motivated to create magical experiences to customers through communication. This will make the small retailers attain customer loyalty and thrive by efficiently competing with Amazon and other companies selling their products online.

2. Add value to their customers’ lives

Despite Amazon and other online retailers being better in the creation of a more rewarding shopping experience; they are limited in their abilities to do so. Local retailers can maximize on this opportunity to figure out what they can offer to customers that online operators don’t or cannot offer. This type of service can add an advantage to them in that customers may see local retailers to be of higher value than online dealers. The offer may be exclusive products or gift wrapping. It may make the customers understand why the prizes of the local small retailers are higher than those of Amazon online shop.

3. Create a memorable and different in-store experience

The experience of a customer has always been an issue determining the memory and perception towards a business. Local retailers should toil to provide customers with a special experience that they cannot get in other areas. By giving customers a unique experience, it will leave them with good memories, and they are likely to come over and over again to these small retailers to experience more.

4. Embrace technology

Local retailers need to embrace technology in their operations for them to be competitive in the market. The use of technology currently runs many businesses. By using technology, local retailers will be able monitors their levels of customer satisfaction by reviewing customer feedback. The small local retailers will, in turn, use this response to improve in areas where the customers have raised concerns, suggestions and complain as well. The discussed techniques are of great help in ensuring that local retailers sustain themselves in the competitive market environment.

Origin of the Internet and How It Works

The Internet originated in the late 1960s when the United States developed ARPAnet – Advanced Research Projects Agency network – a system of computers able to survive, even if partially, after a bomb attack.

That system was made by a lot of computers connected together, like a web.

That web was divided in LAN – Local Area Networks.

Those computers were able to communicate with each other even is some of them were out of service. From that time the Internet is by now world wide, or WWW – World Wide Web

The protocol that rules all these computers is TCP/IP:

TCP = Transmission Control Protocol

IP = Internet Protocol

The wonderful characteristic of this protocol is the way it deals with the information sent and received. The normal phone transmission works in this way:

From point A directly to point B, using cable or radio connection. So if something wrong happens to the radio transmitter or to the cable, the communication is impossible.

With the TCP/IP protocol, on the contrary, the connection from A to B is not direct.

The information (file) that we want to send is divided in several parts, packets, and each packet has a bit of the whole information.

Each packet has a header and a footer, where are store all the indication for delivery what is being sent (Address, sender, number of the packet).

These packets follow different paths of the net, passing through different computers, so even if some of them are not working, the file uses the ones which are working properly. The computers may be all over the world. After this trip the file is rebuilt in the right way.

For instance, if we send a file to a computer that is in a house close to our office, may be that before arriving to destination, it goes to Europe and back.

To try to understand just a bit this system, we can do this very simple example:

We want to send a letter to someone. Instead of sending just one sheet of paper, we could send 6 sheets. Each one contains 1/6 of the whole letter.

On the 6 envelopes we write the sender, the address of the receiving person and the number of the letter (Letter n. 1, letter n.2, and so on).

Then we can send all this letters, from several Post Office or from just one.

The person who gets all these letters, has to follows the number on each letters (1,2, 3…) to be able to read the whole message.

This is good also for safety: if someone gets some letters, he has only part of the message not the whole message.

Getting Your Online Business Started

Any business starts with an idea. Turning the idea into a profitable business takes time and dedication. It doesn’t happen overnight. There are a few fairly easy ways to turn your business into a profitable website.

Online businesses are part of the internet. The internet is full of people searching for things from all over the world. This is one reason to have a website. You will be able to reach many more people than a local business. In order to get your website started you need to have a domain name. This is the name of your business online. You can search through places like GoDaddy to find available website or domain names. Usually a domain name will cost about 7.99 and up for a year. You will need to pay this cost each year to keep your website or business name online. You want to be sure that your domain name fits with the type of business you have online. If you sell clothes you don’t want to use a domain name that goes with selling pet food. You also have to make sure this is a unique name that is only used by your business.

So you’ve got your domain name, but that’s not all. You have to choose a web host provider. In order for your website to function right you need a good company to host your website on their server. Some good web host providers include BlueHost, Startlogic and Resellers Web host. Make sure it is a reliable company with good reviews. You don’t want to have your website with error messages or saying this website is under construction. If you can’t see your website chances are other people can’t. If you wish to avoid this choice you may wish to use a company like Wix which will do these things for you for a monthly fee.

Now you need to list your business and product information. Even if your business is an Ecommerce website it is still important to have good content. In other words, describe your products well. Also make sure you have good pictures of your products. A picture says a thousand words. Even if you go through a company like Wix you are responsible for managing the pictures, products and information on your website. If your website is more of a blog or information website you may wish to go through WordPress which is free for blog type websites.

In order to be a profitable business you need to make money. You may need to use money to advertise but make sure you are reaching a targeted audience. You want people to come to your website who are looking to buy from you. There are several ways to advertise your website for free. Social media like Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to do this.

In order to get the right people to your website, be sure to do some good SEO or Search Engine Optimization. WordPress Ecommerce is a great program to use in order to make this step easier. There is a learning curb but if you check forums and do some research you will learn how to do this step yourself. You may wish to hire a programmer if it is too complicated. Be sure to use good keywords and keyword phrases. If you are selling perfume, you don’t want to use keywords like pets, food or words that have nothing to do with your products.

These steps may seem a bit overwhelming, but study each one at your own pace. Stay focused and keep doing what you know to do. It takes time to get your website to be a productive online business but it is very possible. Keep learning and stay encouraged.

6 Benefits of IoT Market Trends in the Healthcare Sector

In today’s world, the Internet of Things is causing a mass outrage in different industries as well as professional sectors. The healthcare industry is one such field which has been blessed with this high-tech innovation. It ensures a steady and productive interaction among devices and people to deliver healthcare solutions. At present, with the efficiency of IoT, new tools are made available for developing an integrated healthcare system which makes sure the patients are handled in the best possible manner with a stern focus on improved treatment outcomes.

Thus, it is an accumulation of multiple opportunities which can be used by wellness promoters and hospitals to optimize resources in the most effective manner. Currently, a majority of hospitals are taking the help of IoT for asset management as well as to control temperature and humidity within operating rooms. Let us focus on the prime advantages of IoT market trends in the healthcare organization and understand its efficient usage:

1. Diminished Costs

Healthcare providers can take advantage of the connectivity related to healthcare solution. This will assist in patient monitoring on a real-time basis, thus cutting down unnecessary visits to the doctor. To be precise, home care facilities which are enhanced are definitely going to cut down cost related to hospital stays as well as re-admissions.

2. Improved Results of Treatment

These health care solutions with the help of cloud computing or another form of virtual infrastructure offer the medical professionals the ability to utilize real-time information for taking informed decisions. Also, it ensures that the health care provision is processed timely and treatment outcomes are upgraded.

3. Enhanced Patient Experience

The linkage of the health care system with the internet of things, emphasizes the need or requirement of the patient. It highlights improved accuracy in terms of diagnosis, enhanced treatment outcomes and timely intervention by physicians, which leads to accountable care that is highly valued by patients.

4. Improved Disease Management

It is quite crucial to note that, when patients are monitored on a regular basis with the availability of real-time data, the treatment of diseases can be managed well before the issue grows hazardous.

5. Boosted Management of Drugs

According to IoT industry analysis statistics, the development and management of drugs are seen as a major expense for the healthcare industry. With the help of IoT processes and devices, it is quite possible to handle these costs in a better manner.

6. Minimizes Errors

What does IoT do when it comes to data errors? The presence of IoT in the healthcare sector works to offer accurate data collection as well as automated workflows. Moreover, it also keeps a check on data-driven decisions to trim down wastes and reduce system costs. This is one of the shining benefits of the Internet of Things which is readily enjoyed by this sector.

Related Threats of IoT in Healthcare

– The Internet of Things has formed an effective place for itself in the health care sector, however, it also poses a number of challenges considering the sensitive nature of health data. For example, when inappropriately shared, such health information has the capability to damage reputations or even destroy careers to some extent.

– As patient monitoring is forwarded to the use of devices which are wearable and at home, the clinicians that are charged for monitoring those chronic conditions rises demands on the data center along with facility infrastructure.

– Moreover, proprietary medical services incapacity to share data among each other requires that a solution which has a standard language be present to encourage information sharing.

– Data security is another form of risk that is likely to surge with an increase in the amount of data being shared. Also, the volume of data is assured to increase significantly and thus is the need to safeguard this information from cyber-attacks.

Networking in a Digital World

A dedicated support system is crucial for personal and professional success. Networking has and will play a vital part in your business. Face-to-face networking and handshaking is still a fantastic way to do business, but with the Internet at are fingertips and available everywhere, there’s a new way to connect and communicate with people.

Networking is the process of searching for contacts. Not just to be a collector of people, but to get involved, get connected and to help build each other up. It may still be about handshaking, passing out business cards, giving your elevator speech, and wearing name tags, but we should view networking as establishing and maintaining authentic relationships.

So, why do we network?

Engage with people who will have a positive impact on us and our business.

Swap ideas and stories with others.
Find clients and partners.
Find a job or recruit potential employees.
Gain feedback and insights.
Get inspired!
Present yourself as an SME (Subject Matter Expert)
Generate and build leads.
Establish meaningful relationships, personally and professionally.

LinkedIn is a global social networking site for people in professional occupations. In a sense, it is a bit like Facebook – you create your own profile for others to see, but it is used for professional purposes. Members build a profile of their job history, interests and experience – an online Resume if you will – and ‘connect’ with former colleagues and people in their line of work.

Like most social media websites, your journey on LinkedIn begins with creating a personal profile. Many LinkedIn profiles are abbreviated resumes due to LinkedIn’s professional tone, but with the new concept of Social Selling we need to think of your profile as a brand. Employers look for inside information on candidates such as professional interests.

10 ways to build you and your brand on LinkedIn:

1. Update your profile is the first step in marketing you and your business.

a. From the top toolbar, click Me.

b. Click View Profile.

c. From here you can take the time to edit your profile by adding education, experience, volunteer experience, and so much more. Click the pencil next to a section to edit, or click the more button (three dots) to access more features.

d. Make sure to save all changes.

2. Upload a Professional Photo. Make the first impression count, in about 6 seconds someone has crafted an opinion of you through your photo and your profile. You want your potential customers/connections to answer the following questions about you.

a. Are you trustworthy?

b. Are you someone I want to do business with?

c. Can I recommend you to my friends and clients/customers?

3. Create a standout Headline. Your headline is the important real estate that appears next to your name in search results. The wording of a headline may determine whether a new potential client searching through LinkedIn contacts you. Done well, your LinkedIn headline can be used to promote your brand statement, marketing message, most enticing expertise, and more.

a. This should not be your job title/description.

b. Why should people stop and take a closer look at you?

c. What impressions are you leaving behind?

d. What do you do?

e. Use keywords or core words. Make your headline fit with SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

f. Demonstrate real value to your potential clients, customers, etc.

4. Claim your LinkedIn Username: Personalize your LinkedIn URL, own your brand. You are the brand we are talking about, claim your URL, so that when someone searches for your name they will find your public LinkedIn page/profile. Visit your profile and select the edit public profile URL option.

5. Add Skills: When updating your skills section, make sure you use relevant updated keywords. For example, potential buyers/customers probably won’t be searching for “cold calling”, try to mirror your buyer’s skills/needs.

a. Use SEO keywords.

b. Add up to 50 skills to your profile.

c. The skills with the most endorsements from your connections will be listed first.

6. Endorsements: Skill endorsements are a wonderful way to recognize your 1st-degree connections’ skills and expertise with one click. They also let your connections validate the strengths found on your own profile. Skill endorsements are a simple and effective way of building your professional brand and engaging your network.

7. Write a summary: Why should you fill it in? For starters, it gives the reader a quick overview of who you are, what you do, what you are looking for and most importantly, what you can do for them. Think like your buyer, what’s in it for me?

a. Demonstrate your expertise, make sure you include keywords.

b. Show them that you are a valuable resource.

c. Add a video, a minute video equals 1,000 words!

d. Include Call to Action Statements, this could include companies/clients you’ve helped, include your signature with contact information, keywords that are important to buyers.

e. Demonstrate the value you offer, be their solution.

8. Experience: This is the time you can treat LinkedIn like your resume. Add your previous and current jobs, making sure to include key industry words so that you will be found in searches. When you add who you worked for and you find their name in the drop-down list, your experience will then have their logo beside your name because they created a company business page.

9. Add Connections: On LinkedIn, the people who are part of your network are called your “connections”. Connect with people with whom you have worked or done business with, or people with similar interests or work in your industry. You can ask someone to join your professional network by sending them an invitation to connect. LinkedIn encourages networking by showing you exactly how your connections are related.

10. Engage with your connections: Status updates are short messages that are typical of many social networking platforms. While posting updates on LinkedIn is like Facebook and Twitter, it’s also different. From your LinkedIn home page or your Edit My Profile page, you can change your status update as frequently as you like.


Get Paid to Do the Work You Love: A Case Study of Freelance With Fiverr

People like case studies, which are basically “people watching” with better details. Hearing how another person has managed a real-life situation is more informative-and interesting-than a list of facts. I would like to write about freelancing with sites like Fiverr, and, since I have personal experience working there, I want to briefly share some of my discoveries and a little about what might await you.

Hello, I’m Dr. Ron Masa. I’m a Jungian psychologist, now retired from private practice. I’m also an artist, having sculpted in stone for many years and sold nearly a thousand small paintings online. I began freelancing with Fiverr in 2013. I wanted to learn to make professional-quality voice recordings from my home.

In the 1960s, I had worked as a TV Director for the NBC affiliate, KVOA-TV in Tucson, Arizona. I got to do a little bit of voice announcing then, and I loved it. I have wanted to do more voice work ever since. My first inclination was to locate a formal training program for voice-over education. Fortunately, I learned that they charge thousands of dollars a year! I say fortunately because that cost, plus the delay before I could do real voice work, convinced me to try something new.

I decided to “adventure” my way into freelancing with Fiverr. I read several books about voice work, found a plastic microphone lying about, and created my first gig on You, too, can start very simply and upgrade as you learn and earn. I grew a little with every job. I made mistakes. I learned how to correct-and eventually avoid-them. As I gradually improved my voicing skills, I also upgraded the microphones and software involved.

Choosing to work limited hours, over three years, I was paid more than $7,000 to learn voice-over work by actually doing voice-over work from the first day. I completed 450 professional audio jobs! To my surprise, they earned 100% satisfaction ratings. I did cancel a couple of “difficult buyers,” but nearly everyone else was great to work with. Buyers know they’re getting a great deal, they want the services to work, and they are typically very understanding.

In addition to recording traditional voice-over scripts, I discovered that I especially love voice acting. Who knew? Yes, self-discovery is one of the rewards for designing and doing work that you love. I was soon the dramatic voice of insistent reporters, troubled and brooding presidents, creepy evil villains, kindly loving fathers, disturbing alien predators, and a variety of WWII generals and battle-weary soldiers. These recordings, and hundreds more, now appear throughout movies, TV, video games, the internet, and corporate audio systems on several continents.

I also discovered that I love doing educational narration for kids about whales and stars and dinosaurs. I performed endless commercial messages. I even got to narrate several entire books. One influential classic by Dale Carnegie was far ahead of its time. Another book taught financial planning and insight. The book that I felt most honored to record was “A Summary of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.” It summarized the life and novels of the powerfully inspiring “father of African literature,” Chinua Achebe.

I loved being able to leap right into real voice work and learn the craft by doing real projects. And I particularly liked being paid to learn. If I count the $15,000 I saved on formal training, plus the $7,000 I earned for doing voice work-this freelance path put me more than $20,000 ahead! If someone prefers traditional training methods, there is nothing wrong with that. I, personally, found freelancing more exciting and more engaging.

When you do work that you love-which freelancing invites-you are much more likely to meet kindred spirits and find related opportunities that truly suit you! There are immediate, and then secondary, benefits to following your heart in employment. While practicing voice work, I learned to audio edit my own recordings as well. I later used that experience to teach an audio-editing class online!

Now, the combination of my original voice-over training and those audio-editing skills has enabled me-has really empowered me-to teach online classes. (And, yes, they have been praised for their exceptional audio quality!) Unanticipated benefits are more likely to come your way when you follow a path with heart. I now know it is possible to bring a long-term dream to life through carefully chosen freelance work. Want to get paid for work you would happily do for free? How would you design the kind of work or service that you would-admit it now-genuinely love to do?

How An Online Free Ads Posting Helps Your Business

You are new to the world of business and entrepreneurship. As a beginner, you are wondering how to swing the tide in your favor, by wooing customers. It is important that you make your presence felt. The question is how do you make your presence felt, and create an impact on people who really matter? You have many platforms to bank on. But since you are in your early years, you will look forward to using the channel that is cost, as well as, time effective. The world has become Internet-centric, and so you are likely to gain by using a web-based advertisement listing.

A commonly used platform

Most people choose to remain glued onto the net, and so if you use an internet-based platform, you can conveniently swing the tide, in your favor. Instead of using the other costly channels of promotion, you can use the Online Free Ads Posting. With the help of the latter, you can specify your location, and highlight the areas in which you serve. In this way, you can tap the local customer base. The customers are always on the lookout for service providers and are prone to consulting these cost-free advertisement listing. They may need someone to repair the faulty geyser or a computer that is not working smoothly. It is unlikely that during the hours of need, they will switch on the radio or the television channel to inquire about the repairer.

Gives exposure to your business

On the other hand, the customers are likely to consult the Online Free Ads Posting. The issue of repair needs to be addressed immediately, and they know that if they type out the relevant keywords on the Google search, they will be able to locate the most appropriate hand that can get the issue fixed. In this way, as a service provider, or a repairer, you can make your presence felt. You were on the search out for customers. With the help of unpaid advertisement listing; you can woo potential customers, in your favor.

An economical proposition

As said previously, during the initial years of business, you will like using promotional channels which are economical and effective. Here again, the use and application of the unpaid advertisement listing prove to be advantageous. You can be in the limelight, get customers, but for that, you need to make little or no investment. You are also spared from the deal of designing a complicated advertisement. Even with a small text of three to four lines, you can reach out to the people and tap the prospective base of customers.

Establishes your credibility

The fact that proves to be most advantageous is that the advertisements are always available, regularly, around the clock. You need not depend on the run-time of the radio or the television for highlighting yourself. The round the clock exposure establishes your credibility. You become more familiar with your customers than what you were previously. By connecting with the customers who mean and matter, you can boost your sales. Most importantly, if you look forward to creating a trustworthy base of buyers, you can use this option of the online listing.

“Value Divergence Pricing” – The 3 Word Strategy Elite Marketers Use, But Never Talk About Openly

This is what the most successful marketers use, the reason a large amount of businesses fail is because they fail to implement this “secret.” So if you want to be successful, then value divergence pricing is something you need to get familiar with. I use this strategy often in all my marketing efforts. And when you finish reading this you’ll have unearthed a hidden “gem” that will allow you to scale your business quickly with minimal effort on your part.

The Product

Let’s imagine you have a product or service you want to sell… Now most people will look at the market, compare what price they sell at and set their value at something similar. However, This is wrong because the most important part of marketing is to standout… Not be like everyone else. Not only will you lose out to your more established competitor but you won’t be able to implement this powerful strategy.

So the first thing you need to do is build the value You do this by highlighting the differences between your product/service and everyone else’s. The more distinct your product or service is, the more people are willing to pay to have it. People will agree this makes perfect sense, but this isn’t applied aggressively enough to be effective.

Value Divergence

Secondly, where most marketers go wrong, is they start off asking the wrong questions like:

“How I can do this as cheaply as possible?” so they cheap out on marketing to reach the prospect (a key part of driving people into your business) and the business just withers as a result.

The real question you should be asking is:

How can I structure my business, so I can outspend the competition?

This is how you create real market advantage.

Now there are 3 ways to approach this:

1) Focus on increasing the value of your product

2) The Sequential selling strategy (Selling a series of products to increase the overall profit of from each customer client)

3) Doing Both (My Preferred methodology)

The key is to maximize the value of each customer or client, so you can spend more to reach them without harming profits. Now maybe you’re thinking you will deter “buyers” from your business. If that’s the case, target a market where money is no issue. There is a huge myth that money is tight, but the truth is more money is being spent in today’s economy than ever before and somebody is always willing to pay the fee if you create a strong enough case. this is a site that specialises in high ticket luxury items from watches to helicopters all for a very high price. At the time of this writing the cheapest helicopter on their site is $1,540,000.

Now at this price, they can pretty much afford to spend whatever they want to drive new customers, because they only need one sale to make some good returns. If you think that’s an extreme example, let’s look at a more straight forward product. Let’s take Starbucks, they sell coffee and any other treats that complement coffee, they’re currently priced at the 3x higher than their closest competitor in their market for ultimately the same service (In fact it’s actually less service, cause they don’t even bring the coffee over to you in my experience anyway).

So at those prices, do you really think any of their closest competition can compete? And if they try to compete… how long before they stop making any profit on their sales and go out of business anyway? This could give you huge leverage in your market, that will allow you to crush the competition.

So you need to be thinking about “what could I sell at a high price (or up-sell to a higher price) that would allow me to spend more to acquire a new customer/client for my business?” Because ultimately the less units you have to sell to reach a $1,000,000,000, the better financial advantage you’ll have. So take a look at your current business and identify how many units you would need to sell to make a million. Now look at how you can reduce the number of units you need sell to reach that same goal and your 80% there. The last 20% is your implementation, its one thing knowing this strategy but it’s another thing to take action. There you have it you have a simple way to see big gains in your business with minimal effort on your part. I hope you’ve got massive value from this article

Until next time

E.S Marshall

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