Concerts Are Better with a Date

I won two free tickets to a concert from a radio contest. I had to call in at the right time and guess the right song to win the contest. I never win contests like these, so I was glad to have won, but I needed a date to come along with me. I knew that there was an active escort service in Las Vegas and I arranged for one of the ebony escorts to act as my concert date. No one would probably care if I came to the concert alone, but it would be a shame to let a concert ticket go to waste, and I didn’t want to go with one of my guy friends.

I’ve gone to concerts alone before, but usually because I didn’t have another ticket. Still, there’s something about going to a concert with a date that is much better than going by yourself. Having someone there to enjoy the experience with you as the music is playing and everyone is dancing to the beat is pretty magical. Plus, if you go to a concert with someone that is willing to get intimate with you, your time there can be even better.

I picked up the escort in brought her to the concert with me. She looked great and was a big fan of the singer that was going to be performing, so it was going to definitely be a great experience for the both of us. As the music began playing and the singer walked out to perform her first song, we started cheering, as did all of the other people that were around us. We knew all of the lyrics and were singing it all off key, but we didn’t mind. In the middle of the concert, the escort and I had a nice intimate time.