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Voodoo Spells You can Surely Use

If somebody mentions Voodoo magic, most would consider it as a way to cause damage to another person. The absence of material discussing about Voodoo’s history caused this misunderstanding about what it really is. Regardless, Voodoo magic is not just about hexes and curses. Before anything else, some information must be discussed first. Africa is the point of origin for Voodoo where it was adhered to as a religion, people taken from the continent took the practices with them in their new land. When Voodoo practitioners were indoctrinated with Western Christianity’s belief system both religious practices were amalgamated by them.

Witchcraft is like a skill you practice but Voodoo is a belief system you adhere to, however these two partake in the act of utilizing external forces to get a very specific outcome. When it is something done for the good of everybody it is called white magic. Black magic on the other hand is using witchcraft for personal reasons. Every act of witchcraft comes with a consequence, so they have to be carefully considered and done. Overall, the practice of witchcraft requires you to contemplate if you can bear with consequences.

A banishing spell is a form of magic you can cast against those who consistently treats you badly. A binding spell can help you in stopping a certain thing from harming you like a fist for punching. A binding spell can also be used on yourself like preventing yourself from spending money beyond your means. If you are having a vacation to some other place, a protective spell can prevent accidents.

In Voodoo, they practice crossing and uncrossing. Negative energies are given to a person through crossing. Negative energies are dispelled from a person through uncrossing. Another practice in Voodoo is the foot track magic that causes adverse effects to the person who steps on the ground with the magical powder dispersed on it.

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If you are looking for free voodoo spells, you will surely like this love knot spell, which calls for knotting a string and at the same time saying your desires for you and your partner. One of the beauty spells requires you to wear a jewelry with your birthstone as it helps in maintaining your youthful look and promote good health. Bathing yourself in rose waters is a form of those beauty spells that improves your natural beauty and attractiveness. You can also try this other beauty spell to improve your looks, during spring time place a small bowl along the grass to collect morning dew that you have to apply to your face and other visible body parts.